Introducing OuttaSites From MIND…For You, For Everyone!

Okay, so when we started this web development and web design thang a few years back, we were fortunate enough to meet some really good people who put their trust in us and wound up very happy with the websites we built for them.  These were some serious custom design jobs that required some really in-depth and time consuming work…which meant the price tag was higher than what most local companies can pay for their site.

less filling tastes great

While we are thrilled to get these kinds of jobs, it bothered us to no end that we didn’t have a solution for smaller businesses who also want an impactful web presence.   We know a lot of good people we weren’t previously able to work with because they didn’t need anything so extensive…just a site that looks great, navigates easily, handles eCommerce, and is technologically up-to-date with fully responsive design, etc.

It’s a lot like the problem John Madden addressed in the 1980’s with finding a way to brew a beer that’s less filling AND tastes great.

An Affordable Website Solution

OuttaSites from MIND allow you as a small business owner to have a truly kickass cutting-edge website that’s fully responsive, social semantic and has HTML5, CSS3 and open source CMS technology (i.e. it will be easy for you to manage your website content and new posts, etc.).  It’s RDFa-ready, too, which means that your OuttaSite can utilize the latest SEO technology and improve your search engine ranking.

In the end, we hated having to turn away good people who are looking to us for help.  We felt we could build a better affordable website solution than what is out there at a comparable price point.  If you’re a local business (in any locality) and feel like you have to “make do” with a website that just isn’t really up-to-snuff and is difficult to manage, check out the details of OuttaSites from MIND and call or email us with your questions.

We’re here for you and you’re going think we’re…well…OuttaSite!

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