New Year’s Resolution: I Will Care

Ok, we know it’s not the New Year yet and resolutions don’t really matter unless they’re serious commitments, but we have a New Year’s Resolution challenge for you and your business.

Look at how your business is represented online through your web development and web design strategy and make this simple commitment:  I Will Care.

I Will Care enough to put thought into my website and how it represents my business online.

I Will Care that my website doesn’t look or feel like an afterthought.

I Will Care enough to put some of my own thought, time and energy into my website so it truly represents me and my business.

I Will Care to envision my website as an interactive forum with legitimate, current and valuable information people can use because I know this is what will create the “top of mind awareness” that I need.

I Will Care to seek out legitimate SEO and Internet marketing and NOT seek out the magic pills that tell me what I want to hear but ultimately don’t deliver.

I Will Care enough to be patient with my SEO if I’m just starting with it and active with my SEO to be sure it remains Google-friendly.

I Will Care enough to work with my web development and web design team on creative and valid new material to keep my site fresh.

Your site will be as successful as you want it to be…and that requires your input because no one knows your business better than you.  Communicate clearly with your development and design team and with your SEO/Internet marketing specialist, as this connection is what results in the best and most powerful websites online:)

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