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    Do you know who is responsible for your project after you sign the contract? The typical Web Development Business outsources your design work to an unknown third party who may not be as capable as the development team you've hired. MIND saves you time and money with Web Development services as well as Web Design services on one team in one place. We regulate the quality of design through the overall scope of work and make sure it meets our very high standards. Best of all, you will always know who is working on your project.

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  • We're SEO & Marketing Professionals

    The MIND Development & Design team includes the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO), public relations, and marketing people you can find for your website. Our SEO and marketing MasterMINDs have over a decade of experience in their respective fields, from SEO to radio to Internet marketing. Our SEO is the best...no kidding. Through onsite optimization including cutting edge "rich snippets" and RDFa methods and proper content optimization, we will get your website found on Google and the other search engines, and help you reinforce your presence with sharp PR and marketing.

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