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Sorry, but you won’t find a blog with our grandma’s secret chili recipe here, nor will you see a blog detailing our beauty and fitness regimen, impressive though it may be. You won’t be reading about what Mr. Fluffums did today (you’ll just have to wait for the video for that.) No, our Blog is really about what’s on our MIND, which is what you need to know about the internet to make your company better. It’s all we can think about really, which is why we’re compelled to share and give you a piece of Our MIND.

Weird Looking Mutha Trucka

Are Podcasts Still A Thing?

  So recently I have been pretty obsessed with podcasts. They are a great way to learn, laugh, and tune out the world while you’re working. There is a podcast… Read More


Creating a Blogging Schedule

So setting up a blogging schedule sounds really lame. Blogging, in essence, is easy, quick and is basically a cakewalk. You write words and hit publish. Why do I need… Read More

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live broadcasting app that you can use on your phone. It will broadcast your videos in real time on the Internet for your followers, friends, and family… Read More

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