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Sorry, but you won’t find a blog with our grandma’s secret chili recipe here, nor will you see a blog detailing our beauty and fitness regimen, impressive though it may be. You won’t be reading about what Mr. Fluffums did today (you’ll just have to wait for the video for that.) No, our Blog is really about what’s on our MIND, which is what you need to know about the internet to make your company better. It’s all we can think about really, which is why we’re compelled to share and give you a piece of Our MIND.

Robert the doll

Social Media Lessons from Urban Legends

Now that it is October everyone is celebrating with parties, planning trick-or-treating routes, finding costumes, and making crafts. With all the fun activities there are also the spooky campfire stories… Read More

a waterloo dogs playing poker painting

The Word Is Cattywampus

A few years back (I think it was 2012 or 2013), Geico Direct Auto Insurance created a 15 second commercial paying most hilarious homage to the A Waterloo painting from… Read More


Origin of Memes: Spooky Edition!

  Slenderman Slenderman is a long, faceless, humanoid creature in a black suit. It is known to use teleportation at will and can create nausea, insomnia, and paranoia in victims…. Read More

Philadelphia eagles nfl gear

The Wentz Wagon, Risk and You

Just a couple of weeks ago, Vice President Joe Biden told President Barack Obama that he needed to “get on the Wentz Wagon.” Just ten days before that, many people… Read More

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