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Sorry, but you won’t find a blog with our grandma’s secret chili recipe here, nor will you see a blog detailing our beauty and fitness regimen, impressive though it may be. You won’t be reading about what Mr. Fluffums did today (you’ll just have to wait for the video for that.) No, our Blog is really about what’s on our MIND, which is what you need to know about the internet to make your company better. It’s all we can think about really, which is why we’re compelled to share and give you a piece of Our MIND.

The Word Is: Ailurophilia

This month’s word was suggested by MIND programmer Andrew Gehman, resident code guy and cat cognoscente.  The word is ailurophilia. By definition, ailurophilia (pronounced ahy-loo r-uh–fil-ee-uh) is a liking for cats or a… Read More

Pooping log

Weird Christmas Traditions

1. Cobwebs for Christmas (Ukraine) In the Ukraine there is a tradition of decorating your Christmas tree with artificial cobwebs. While there are still ornaments hung with care, folklore has… Read More

Busy packaging

Staying Sane in December

December is often a whirlwind of late hours, endless amounts of orders, and plenty of other small crises to fix in between. Though it can be a fun and fruitful… Read More

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