About MIND

We are a group of seasoned professionals with the like-minded goals of doing things right the first time, helping as many people and businesses as we can to better understand the web and it’s value for their business, and empowering everyone we work with to be the master of their own destiny… at least, in so far as technology can do that.

We know you’re probably sick of seeing SEOs and web designers telling you how to fix your website, or reminding you that what you’re doing is wrong. Don’t worry, we hate that as much as you do. We are here to build on the hard work you have done and highlight everything you love about your business. Our team works with companies who wish to have a positive impact on their community and industry through improving their Internet presence and becoming more knowledgeable about the web to have a better handle on their businesses’ future.

We believe in doing a job right the first time and considering every viewpoint before finishing a project. We are focused, a little obsessive, and we are not afraid to admit that most of us are huge nerds. If you’re ready for creating more opportunity for your business and making a lot of punny jokes, we’re here for ya. At the end of the day, what matters most with your online presence is what you get out of it, and the people on the other end of it. What good is a website if you and your users don’t know how to use it?

If you really want to know more about the minds behind this operation, go ahead and Meet the MINDs.