So What’s Up With Google+? The Sky Is Falling…Import Your Videos To YouTube!

There was a really good article from Barry Schwartz this morning on Search Engine Roundtable talking about the latest change in Google+ and, as always, it’s prompted speculation from all over the web that Google Plus is “dying.”   While there’s merit in the discussion, I do get tired of the negativity and sensationalism…hence the sarcastic title for this post.

Here’s what’s up with Google+.  As most of you know, Google failed miserably with Buzz and Wave before Google+ became their first semi-successful foray into social media.  The problem is that most people have figured out at this point that there’s not much (if anything) they can get from Google+ that they don’t already get from Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The incentive for individuals to be active on Google+ has faded with the changes to Authorship.  The incentive for businesses to remain active on Google+ is still there, as it is morphing into Google My Business. And Google My Business proves useful as a combination of Google+/Maps/Places.

Well, the latest development is that now when you log into your YouTube account, there’s a new feature that allows you to import your videos from Google+ to YouTube.  It makes sense, as Google owns YouTube anyway. But the general feeling is that Google wants videos off the Google+ platform because it’s “dying”.  For years, you’ve been able to enter URL’s from your YouTube videos into your Google Places listing. Now Google is basically saying “We really want all of your videos to be hosted by our other company, YouTube”.

Google+ is not really dying…it’s evolving into something different than it was when it started.

Continue including it in your marketing mix, the work you have done will work in your favor through this evolution.  No one really knows exactly what Google+ will turn into, but from a business standpoint, it really doesn’t matter.  The information entered into Google+ is being used in areas that will benefit you and ultimately help in the SERPs.  And that’s really the bottom line…

Don’t Worry

Ignore the hype, keep calm and carry on and all that good stuff.  Google is still trying to figure out what the hell to do with the Google+ platform.  I’m sure they have a plan, but it’s contingent on how they see people using the platform. Therefore, where they believe the best opportunities are for future usage.  Just make sure your profile is filled out completely and that you’re hosting your videos on YouTube…and that your YouTube channel is properly connected to your website so you get the maximum benefit.

Don’t be distracted by the sensationalism…it’s evolution, not death.

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