WTF?!?! (What The Font?!?!)

Too Many Fonts Spoil the Design, all in different fontsHave you noticed just how big of a difference a font can make on your website, or really with any print or other visual media?

Next time you go to the movies, take a close look at the difference between movie posters. You can probably tell what kind of movie it is just by the font used in the lettering.

That’s because a font can express a mood or a frame of mind…and it does, whether intentionally or unintentionally. There’s a lot more to choosing a font than “Wow, I wish my handwriting looked like that” or “Hey, that’s a cool font”.  When you’re choosing a font, make a list of the ones that appeal to you visually. Don’t look at the font critically in the beginning.

When you start with a number of fonts that you like, you have a personal interest in this choice which will then lead to you having a personal interest in the rest of your website which will then lead to your website being the best representation it can be of you and your business:)

It’s very important to communicate clearly with your web development and web design team when choosing a font.  A font can give a totally different meaning to the same set of words.  For example, take a look at this overused cliche’:

Quality You Can Trust.
Quality You Can Trust.

Quality You Can Trust.

Look at each one of those statements and feel it.  You’re feeling something…even if you’re feeling nothing.  Do any of the fonts cause you to doubt the statement itself? Are there any fonts that cause you to think “Yeah, but can I afford that quality?” Do any of them leave you feeling nothing? Do any of them give you the warm fuzzies?

Think about this when you’re periodically scrutinizing your own website and talk to your web development and web design team about what you’re feeling or not feeling when you look at your site. Being aware of your own honest response is key to being more keenly aware of how effectively you’re communicating with visitors to your website:)

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