Zook Interiors

Commercial Construction Company

  • The Rundown

    Zook Interiors is a family-oriented business and a leader in the commercial construction industry. They came to MIND for a fresh website design that would bring their website into the 21st century. They wanted a website that would be a better representation of their brand, give people a look into their culture and values as a family-oriented company, showcase their services, and put their high-quality work front-and-center.

  • The Results

    After meeting with members of the Zook team, MIND created a fresh, updated web design to meet their needs while also delivering on the things they wanted. Additionally, MIND worked with their team to update project information and refresh and expand content across the site.

" That was exactly what I was envisioning ...it looks great! Thank you very much for completing everything. "

Mitchell Zook - Marketing Coordinator