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Engage Customers to Boost Your Small Business

By everybody , aka mind star-trek-organ-printer
Have you maxed out your marketing spending, but still aren’t seeing the growth you expect?
The problem might be that your customers aren’t engaged.
What exactly does “engage” mean though? Let’s take a look at some dictionary definitions:
1. To attract someone’s attention
2. To establish a meaningful contact
3. To move into position so as to come into operation
Most marketing stops at the first definition. You have likely heard an agency in the past tell you about how they are increasing the “impressions” on your site.
While that is useful, if you aren’t engaging people that are actually interested in your business, then it will never lead to a sale.

Engage Customers By Determining Needs

While we all like to think that everyone needs what we’re selling, the truth is that they don’t. Treating everyone like a customer is often a mistake, and the first step to fixing it is qualifying.
Qualifying refers to figuring out if a potential customer is a good fit for your business. For some, its as easy as “They need their car fixed and they live in X town”. Other businesses have more granular details that they will need to sort out.
Put your self in your customer’s shoes. When you look at your current sales, what are those leads looking for when they find you?

Provide Solutions

Once your potential customer comes into contact with you, engage them! Solve their problems. Give them advice.
Help them get closer to solving their problem, or create the reassurance that you know how to. After you have proven that you can fulfill their need, the last part of engaging your customers is much easier. Make the sale!
Next time you are planning a marketing campaign for your small business, remember to engage your customers. Every agency you work with out there will promise you an increase in audience. The sales that come from your marketing are what really matter.
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