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How to Brighten up a Workspace

By Karen Layman, aka Karen home office, desk, computer, and plant in a workspace

Are you faced with working from home, or even just in a drab office space that needs help? Creating a bright and fun workspace can drastically improve your productivity and it can make you feel better, too! Try these ideas of how to brighten up a workspace:

1. Let in Natural Light

One of the best and most helpful things you can do to brighten up a drab and boring workspace is to capitalize on any natural light possible. A study of more than 1,600 workers showed that a good view of the outdoors and good, natural lighting is highly desired in work environments. 47% of workers reported feelings of tiredness when they did not have access to natural light.

Assess areas where natural light is the most prominent. If it’s possible, set up a dedicated workspace and work in those areas. Setting up a dedicated workspace is one of the effective tips for working from home, and getting the lighting right can help you be more comfortable and productive. If you can’t move your workspace, try moving closer to a window if there is one. Keep the curtains or blinds open, or partially open, to let in the most natural light.

2. Add Greenery

Plants help brighten any workspace. Adding plants can actually help reduce stress, increase productivity, and make you feel happier! This researcher explains that having plants in your workspace can keep you emotionally invested in your space.

Try adding one plant and see how it affects you. Start small and with a plant that doesn’t require much maintenance. As you grow more comfortable with plants, add another one or two. Or, if you want, bring in fresh flowers to bring in a pop of color, too.

3. Decorate With Color

Color can really affect our moods, so consider adding some colors into your workspace to brighten it up. First, think about what you want these colors to inspire. Need some motivation? Bright reds and oranges are great colors for stimulation. Need a more tranquil feel? Blues, earthy greens, and grays are great to help you feel relaxed.

You could go big and repaint your walls if that is an option. But, adding smaller pops of color is effective, too. Choose artwork that uses the color schemes you’re looking for. Pick a chair in a color that fits in with the vibe. Even choosing office supplies in a certain color can help brighten your desk.

4. Upgrade Your Lighting

Proper lighting in your workspace is crucial to productivity, can help with better video conference calls, and helps keep your eyes safe, too. Try to incorporate indirect lighting into your workspace. A good floor lamp will shine the light upwards at the ceiling, allowing it to disburse and light your room evenly.

If possible, try adding pendant lighting or track lighting. These types of lighting allow the light to focus wherever you want it. If you can’t, consider adding a desk lamp. This will give you focused lighting that you can move around as you need it.

5. Try a Standing Desk

Sitting for 8 hours a day is unhealthy, plus it can be pretty boring. Consider investing in a standing desk or try building one yourself. If those are not options, look for a standing desk converter. This allows you to stand when you want, but sitting is an option as well. Keep in mind that the converters work best with laptops.

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when working from home is not setting up a dedicated workspace, and you also need to make sure your workspace works for you. There really is no wrong way to brighten up a workspace. Try things as you’re inspired, and let creativity motivate you!

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