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The Pitfalls of Lather, Rinse, Repeat


SOAPY BABY! SOAPY, SOAPY BABY!Everyone who has more than three inches of hair knows that trying a new shampoo or conditioner can be exciting. You won’t know exactly how your hair will react, will the results be good or bad? If they are good, you will obviously lather-rinse-repeat with this product until you die. NOPE – Wrong answer. No matter how great the result is, eventually your hair will adapt to that product and the result will inevitably become less than impressive.

Marketing is much of the same. While being consistent is important, being stagnant is suicidal and expecting the same results from the same methods year over year is insanity. A prime example of this are businesses that tapped into the direct mailers back in the 90s. β€œIt worked, so just keep at it,” they said. Now they are still trying to capture your attention in your mailbox when the business of capturing attention has moved from the mailbox to the inbox to the website to social media. They are at least four generations behind and can’t understand why they same old tricks don’t work anymore. This is why evolution is paramount.

Keep Growing, Keep Evolving

If you always market your business in the same ways, with the same message, it will eventually fall on deaf ears. While you are doing this, your competitors have tried and failed and tried and succeeded with newer tactics and a more diverse approach. If your business is doing well, but you see there is always room for improvement – TRY SOMETHING NEW! Do it on a small scale a few times, if it works, try it on a larger scale. If you only do what you know how to, you will never learn and will eventually get passed by the competition.

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