How Can I Remove Mdnsd From My Android? It’s Draining My Battery!

remove mdnsd from android deviceHow Can I Remove MDNSD From My Android?

Are you an Android user experiencing major battery drain?

Have you noticed an application called mdnsd on your phone?

Do you want to get rid of it?

My wife had an issue with this recently where her phone battery would be fully charged in the morning and be down below 20% within 3 hours.  She doesn’t have a bunch of games and frivolous apps on her phone, so we couldn’t figure out why there was a problem.  When we checked Settings and looked at Battery, we found something called mdnsd that was running all the time and draining her battery.

After looking at countless online forums, we got nowhere.  Most of them pointed to Mozilla Firefox as the culprit and offered a solution…but she doesn’t have Firefox on her phone, so we got nowhere.  If you’ve been in the same situation and also gotten no help from your smart phone provider, I’ve got some help for you here.  BTW…the T-Mobile rep my wife saw wouldn’t even look at her phone and told her she just needs to get a new one – I wish I had been there.

Follow these steps:

  1. If you have Freeflight 3 or other minidrone software go here for your solution.  If not, then go to step 2.
  2. To eliminate Firefox as a possible cause, remove Firefox from your phone and restart.
  3. Go into Settings and touch the Battery button.
  4. If mdnsd does not show up here, you have fixed the problem.  If mdnsd is still showing up…
  5. Go to the Google Play Store and download the CCleaner app.  It’s free.
  6. Install CCleaner on your phone and then open it.
  7. Touch the Analyze button and wait for the analysis to show up.  It could take several minutes
  8. mdnsd showed up in my wife’s Documents folder.  If you don’t see it in yours, check Downloads and any other folders that show up.
  9. Select mdnsd for removal or select the whole folder for removal if you don’t need it.
  10. Touch the Clean button.
  11. When cleaning is done, restart your phone.
  12. Mdnsd should be gone!

Props to my wife Delores for figuring this out and sharing it!  I hope it works for you:)

Thank you to Matthew Gatlin for the Freeflight 3 solution on his website.

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