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3 SEO Red Flags to Avoid

By everybody , aka mind Bad SEO Can Be Dangerous!

I get a dozen emails each week detailing how easy it is to get my website to the #1 spot on Google for (insert keyword here). If you own a small business, you’ve likely received emails that follow the same script, and don’t get me started on the robocalls! Being wary of these so-called “guarantees” is a safe move. Here are some SEO red flags to watch out for and reasons why these “guarantees” rarely give the results you’re looking for.

#1 Rankings for Given Keywords

Everybody wants to be #1, but there’s honestly just not enough room. If an SEO agency is suggesting that you can get the #1 spot for any keyword of your choice, you should expect an intensive campaign to back it up. Any other plan is just not plausible, or will only last temporarily. A good agency will focus on finding keywords for you, specifically ones that will convert well, and then try to move you up within the rankings for those.

In addition, because of Google’s ongoing changes and the use of machine learning within its results, no two searches will be exactly the same. This makes it impossible to guarantee a #1 ranking consistently.

Quick Results

Agencies promising results in only a few weeks are dreaming, and you should plan for at least 3-6 months for a good SEO campaign to truly take hold. Those that generate results quicker than that are either spectacularly good, lucky, or may be using spammy techniques to create temporary results.

Too Good To Be True Pricing

SEO can take a lot of work, and depending on your local market, sometimes a ton of work. Campaigns that are offering high rankings at absurdly low pricing are likely using automated tools, or outsourcing most of the work. Sometimes, these campaigns can actually leave you off worse than when you started!

Get A Second Opinion

These are just a few SEO red flags to be aware of and to avoid. If you’ve received your own too good to be true SEO offer and need some advice, contact us! We’ll help you sort out if an offer is truly a legit deal. And if you’re looking for iterative and data-driven SEO offerings completed by professionals, talk to us today about getting your campaign started.

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