Are You Ready to Start a Small Business?

Start a small businessStarting your own small business is the dream of many, but it is often much more difficult than it seems. Being your own boss means that you don’t have to answer to anyone, as long as you can keep yourself motivated. You might still be wondering if you are ready to start though.

Take our short quiz to find out if you are ready to go, or need some more time to plan things out!

Quiz - Are You Ready to Start a Small Business?

  • Gross margins, operating costs, industry regulations, and suppliers are just a few of the necessary bits of info you will have to know. Have you thoroughly investigated your market?
  • Having children, getting married, and other major life changes can make starting a small business difficult. Can you handle your attention being split in multiple directions?
  • Starting a small business doesn't always work out. Do you have a day job or a savings to fall back on just in case?
  • When a business first starts out, a lot of its responsibilities will fall on you, the owner. Are you ready to put in way more than 40 hours per week until things get going?
  • Often you will be on your own, and getting things done will rest entirely on you. Are you good at figuring out what needs done and keeping yourself on task?

How Did You Do?

If you have everything prepared, great! You’re ready to begin the adventure of ownership.

Don’t worry if you still need to do some more planning though! It’s always better to spend extra time getting all the details right than to rush in too quickly.

As always, if you are looking for professional web development and marketing for you new business, contact MIND to Get it Done Right the First Time!

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