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The Current State of MIND

By Chad McComsey, aka TheChad brain in a jar

The current state of MIND is STRONG! We’re happy to say that over the last couple months the team at MIND have been working on a number of new ideas as well as giving the MIND website a solid overhaul. Of course it took a good bit of time due to our own need to have everything perfect. We soon realized that we would NEVER get this site out if we kept adding and “perfecting it” even further. Truth is that we could add something new everyday and still not be supremely happy. That would also mean that we couldn’t attend to our clients which wouldn’t be fair now would it?
state of MIND

So What’s New with the Current State of MIND?

Well, obviously the website is new and we’ve added new items to our portfolio. The portfolio will most likely be worked on for the life of the company so try not to be too angry with us if something there seems out of place.

We hired some new blood to join our team and are looking to expand the team in the future. As we grow we’ll be releasing a new online product that may help our future clients as well as agencies! Be on the look out… it’s gonna be outta-site!

Back Blog Postings

While we were working on ironing out the details of the current site and the typical workload, we kept writing and kept blogging. None of these blog post made it live due to a number of reasons, most being related to the build or other time constraints. We’ll be releasing these blog posts intermittently through out the next month or two. A lot of cool stuff going on at MIND… stay tuned!

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