In our Small Business Website build, we will create your site with all the good stuff small business needs.  We make it easy like Sunday morning for you to keep your website and blog content updated and fresh with a user-friendly content management system and training so you know how to use it!

Built to the latest and greatest standards, this is your choice if you need a website that looks great, functions smoothly and doesn’t have a bunch of bells and whistles you probably don’t need.

Affordably priced in the $5k range (depending on your specific design, layout, and functional requirements), at a minimum you’ll get all this:

  • A custom design with a strategic combination of color, images and just the right fonts to make the best visual impact
  • A user friendly content management system (CMS) to manage specific areas of your website.  No CMS?  No problem.  We can build your website without (or outside of) a CMS.
  • Training on how to use the content management system, including a video of your training session for future reference
  • A customizable contact form, with embedded Google map to help visitors easily find you
  • Slideshows, galleries, embedded video functionality
  • An easy and manageable menu for your pages, including dropdowns, so visitors can find what they need quickly & easily
  • A blog or article feed for your helpful, informative posts including categories and tags
  • Basic search engine optimization (SEO) including semantic markup, manageable meta fields, page speed optimizations and Schema
  • A search function to help you and your visitors find what they’re looking for
  • Social media sharing tools and optional social media widgets
  • Some words of advice
  • Foundational SEO (additional cost applies) including keyword research & implementation, title/description optimization, schema data by page/post, YouTube channel optimization/annotations and more.
  • An invoice (we need this for caffeine, the electric bill, etc.)

Submit a quick contact form, call us or come by our office (map here) and tell us what you need.  Whether it’s a redesign, a new business, or just your first website, we can help!  Our building process is 5 basic steps. We even throw in an hour of training to be certain we’re leaving you in the best possible position to continue operating your new site!:

  1. Your Initial Consultation – We’ll sit down or go over everything on the phone, whichever is more convenient for you, explain the process, gather necessary information, and send you our simple intake questionnaire to get the project moving.
  2. Website Design and Layout – We work out a basic concept “wireframe”, in-house, to define the layout and structure of 2 or 3 key pages that may have different layouts. We then provide you with a website prototype for displaying how those layouts work in relation to each other.
  3. Your Feedback and Approval – You give specific feedback and indicate changes and revisions you want made.   Please note: Changes should be specific.  “I don’t like this” won’t suffice.  “Move the picture to the other side of the page, make this text twice as big and give it an underline…oh yeah and change this word to Moose” is more like it. Once we make your specified changes and revisions, we send you the layout for your final approval.
  4. Development and Testing/Review – Upon approval, our development team codes your website, drinks Mountain Dew and creates the functionality and smooth navigation you want.  Standards-compliant, adhering to best practices on the web, and served with a shot o’ love because we will test your site functionality, review it and make final necessary tweaks.
  5. Website Launch and Domination – Launch your website through your preferred hosting provider or transfer it to launch on our servers.  We’re not a hosting company, but we’ll run your site on a dedicated server through our preferred hosting provider. Just like that, your vision comes to life! Now you’re in business and ready to take on the world!

Need more advanced functionality?   Our premium builds are provided by custom proposal.  If you need technology to serve your business in a specific manner — from ecommerce to platform integration to user experience design to specific web application development, contact us now for help!

Note: If there happens to be an issue with the website, please contact us within the first month for an immediate patch.  Legitimate bugfixes from problems in our code are always fixed, for the life of the website.  If it was our bad, it gets fixed…always.   It’s important to note, however, that depending on your website hosting, configuration, or even standard platform upgrades, there might be a problem that is not the result of a coding issue on our end.  In that case, we’re more than happy to help at a fair, reasonable cost.