5 Steps To Better Quality Backlinks For Your Website

Linkin’ With Lincoln and Slammin’ Scams!

This week we’re going to address this lovely “Domain Name Search Engine Registration” scam that has been making some waves on the Interwebs and we’re going to count the ways you can legitimately get better quality backlinks for your website.

If you have received a letter telling you that you need to “register your domain name so your customers won’t have trouble finding you online,” you want to listen to this one.  You’ll know what to do AND you’ll have a better understanding as to why.

After that, we will present a 5 step checklist of what you should be doing to generate better quality backlinks for your website.   It’s a process, but the days of easy linking are gone and it’s important that you go about your linking efforts the proper way.

By the way, here are the links I promise to give you in the podcast for the two tools that I mention to help you in your efforts:


Website Penalty Indicator

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