Best Video Games of 2016 According To MIND Developer Andy Mull

Andy Mulls Over The Best Games of 2016 For You Or The Gamer In Your Life

Welcome to Zombocom!  Just kidding.  Welcome to this week’s MIND Your Business podcast, where MIND back end developer Andy Mull shares his experience and insight for all you gamers and those of you who may need a last minute gift idea for a friend or family gamer.

Here, Andy will count down his top 5 games of 2016…some new and some not…and tell you in detail what makes them such good choices for your time and money.  From standard controllers to racing consoles that will challenge your upper body strength, Andy covers the bases and will also school you with some really cool gaming and programming facts:)

Like what videogame is famous for being so bad it basically became landfill?  And why did it happen to begin with?

We hope you enjoy this special gaming podcast and thank you for taking the time to listen.  While you get the family together over the holidays at your Pong gaming console and fire up the good ol’ Commodore 64 (the highest selling single computer model of all time), make sure you crank up the MIND Your Business Podcast!

80's video game scene with Andy Mull

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