Breaking Through Your Marketing Comfort Zone. Are You Ready For Artificial Intelligence?

Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone and Embracing AI For Your Business.

This week on the MIND Your Business podcast, we begin a journey that will last most – if not all – of 2017.  That journey is all about breaking through your comfort zone when it comes to how you present your business, how you market your business…how you business your business.

I will be starting off this series this week with some foundational advice and then we will be hearing from guests like Melinda Emerson (America’s #1 Small Business Expert), Gary Rossignol (Cincinnati’s Rock N Roll Real Estate Agent), Mark Schaefer (educator, best selling author of Known and The Content Code and one of our favorite people) and lots more as the year rolls on.

It all starts here…and it is such a vital part of your business future because as Google moves toward AI-First over Mobile-First by 2020, your comfort zone is going to be challenged like never ever before.  Embrace the challenge and you will be ready for AI and have even better interaction with your alpha audience.

Oh…and have pen and paper handy because we have a few things for you to write down.  With purpose:)

We hope you enjoy the podcast and thank you for listening to it.  On your next visit to the north pole, tell Santa that you want the MIND Your Business Podcast in your stocking this year.

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