How Your Business Brand Story Can Earn You Trust With Visitors AND Search Engines

Your business story matters and can help you earn trust with visitors AND Google!

The great philosopher Rod Stewart once sang “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?”   How right he was…and still is.

What kind of picture do you paint of YOUR business and your brand when people visit your website?   More and more, the search engines are looking for accuracy in the information you share on your website and the interaction you have with your audience on your website and in your social media…which, after all, is connected to your website.

It goes beyond just the information itself, though.  It’s all about what signals you’re sending about the heart behind your business.    At the end of the day, visitors and the search engines just want to see that you’re a business that really cares about your clients, prospects and overall visitors.

Problem is, there have been too many “turnkey” solutions over the past two decades resulting in businesses being run by people who are only concerned with how much money they can make…people with the so-called “churn and burn” mentality.    This has contributed to the lack of trust amongst consumers in the Internet age.

Just WHO are you?  (Yes, we all know who originally asked that question.)

Seriously, though, the story behind your business ultimately fuels everything else in your business.  It fuels how you present your business and lends validity to every word printed on your website.   This week, Mark talks about how the story and history behind YOUR business can help you earn trust with both visitors AND the search engines.  And how a strong story can make achieving good rankings a whole lot easier.

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