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Crystal Pepsi – The Truth About Its Original Failure AND About Why It’s Coming Back

Do you remember Crystal Pepsi?

It was a fad drink in the early 1990’s that was a part of the “clear” and “pure” marketing era.  Grunge was in fashion, we all smelled like teen spirit (or aspired to) and bottled water was becoming more of a fixture…so the soda companies had to do something, right?

After all, the marketing ordure of the day was basically if it’s clear, it is free of artificial colors and therefore is good for you.  It looks like water, therefore it must have the same or similar benefits.

For those of you who remember Crystal Pepsi, you either liked it or you didn’t.  There was no real “gray” area.  Kinda like New Coke and 7up Gold.  These brands each came and went in the span of 6 months to a year…and if you think Crystal Pepsi disappeared because it wasn’t popular, you’re in for a shock.  Tab Clear anyone?  But I digress.

This week MIND’s elder statesmen, Mark Boyd and Andrew Gehman, remember the original release of Crystal Pepsi and even take the Crystal Pepsi Challenge to see if there really is a difference in taste between it and regular Pepsi.  As a bonus, you’ll also find out the surprising and fascinating truth behind Crystal Pepsi’s original alleged 90’s failure and why we are now seeing it pop up again in various neighborhood soda coolers at grocery and convenience stores.

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