Google's algorithm history in plain English

Google’s Algorithm History In Plain English

16 years and counting…from the introduction of the Google Toolbar in 2000 to the most recent mobile search update.

When it comes to Google’s algorithm history, the more you understand the past, the better you can then understand what’s going on today and be more engaged with your own SEO and Internet Marketing efforts in general.

In today’s podcast, we revisit and re-simplify Google’s Algorithm History and how it is important for you and your business in plain English.  Geico says they can save you 15% or more in car insurance in 15 minutes.  Meh…give us 20 minutes and you will understand what seemed like gibberish before.

From link penalties to keyword stuffing penalties to lame content penalties…Pandas and Penguins and Pigeons…even Brandy, Vince and Florida…you will understand the Google algorithm changes like never before!

Thank you for taking the time to listen and please send us your questions.   We LOVE answering them and always appreciate your input.  At your next political rally, make sure you ask your congressman to crank up the MIND Your Business podcast!

Mark Boyd AKA: Mark Boyd

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