Google Says Get Rid Of Your Low Quality Pages. We want the Steak…KEEP Your Sizzle

Trim Your Content Fat.  Google Wants Steak.  KEEP Your Sizzle!

“Sell the sizzle…NOT the steak.”

This was the very first concept I ever learned in my very first marketing class back in my college days at LSU.   In its purest form, there’s nothing wrong with it, but what we have seen in terms of what we call “spammy” website and blog content over the past 10 years or more is is anything but the pure form of this concept.

Sensationalist headlines.  Articles that aren’t exactly about what they say they’re about.  How-to articles that say nothing more than how important it is to know what you’re doing before you do it.   We’ve all seen them…and wonder how these pages manage to show up in the SERPs when they’re a complete waste of time.

Well, Google’s algorithmic evolution is trying to weed out those pages and Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes recently made a very important statement on Virtual Keynote 2 with Stone Temple Consulting.  In essence, what he pointed out is that it’s time to trim the fat from your website…get rid of the spammy pages and pay closer attention to your new content moving forward…or you may see diminishing returns.

High Quality Content Wins

This week, Mark explains it and gives you some tips on what you should be doing to take advantage of this tremendous quality over quantity opportunity!

We hope this podcast gives you some ideas and gets your creative gears turning with some innovative ideas of your own.  If you have questions, give ’em to us…we love answering them on the podcast!  Give your website development, design, SEO, content marketing and general Internet marketing questions to us on our Ask A Question page, email us at, or drop us a comment on Facebook or simply hire a skywriter.  We will do our best to answer your question on a future podcast:)     At your next dinner party, make sure you gather ’round the Hi-Fi and listen to the MIND Your Business podcast!

google says no spam content

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