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How To Recover From Google Penalty (And Prevent It, Too)

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How To Recover From Google Penalty (And Prevent It, Too)

Recovering From Google Penalty:  That’s 15 Yards And A Loss of Down

Imagine, if you will, that you’re Miami Dolphins QB Bob Griese in Super Bowl VI getting chased by Dallas Cowboys legend Bob Lilly while you’re futilely trying to buy time scrambling in the backfield to make a play…and you end up getting sacked by Lilly for a 29 yard loss.   (Check out the video here.  The aforementioned play begins at the 2:27 mark.)

If you’re gaming the system, you’re Bob Griese and Google is Bob Lilly.  You can run, but eventually they’re gonna get you.

But what if you’re NOT gaming the system?  Hey, no matter how hard you try it’s STILL possible to get bitten.

This week Mark discusses how you can recover from Google Penalty (and recommends some free tools for you) and how you can use those same tools to do preventive maintenance and better avoid penalty in the first place.

From good ol’ webmaster tools to Screaming Frog, Mark has 5 tools that will help you clean up and stay ahead of the curve.

FYI:  With regard to the aforementioned 29 yard sack, Mark stated in the podcast that it was 35 yards and says “Sorry, my bad.”

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How to recover from Google penalty

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