Overcoming Fear to Break Out of Your Marketing Comfort Zone

Does Fear Drive Your Marketing Decisions?

This is a touchy area for most of us because no business owner wants to think that he or she makes business decisions based on fear.  Based on avoiding something rather than going after something.

Yet it happens all the time!

“Be yourself – Nobody can tell you that you got it wrong.” – Snoopy

Overcoming this fear means stepping out of your comfort zone in your decision making processes and your relationships with both your clients AND colleagues…not to mention opening your mind to new ideas and new methods of marketing your business.  Oh yeah…and being willing to go out on a limb with an idea that you REALLY believe in, even when your contemporaries don’t quite “get it.”  On this week’s podcast, we’ll talk about how you can step out of your comfort zone so you can make better decisions and get better results from your Internet marketing and really from all aspects of your business.

This week’s podcast is full of some great examples from people who believed in something so strongly that they are themselves now points of reference.   1980’s  Redskins QB Joe Theismann said, based on his experience in the 1982 season where he led Washington to the Super Bowl championship: “I learned that being a leader doesn’t mean getting others to follow you.  Being a leader is getting others to believe in the same goal you do and lead along WITH you.”

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