Pinterest’s Buyable Pins Are A Viable Option!

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins are Worth Looking Into!

Social media has changed a lot over the past 7 years, going from a novelty that most businesses didn’t take seriously to an important part of your marketing mix.

There’s a reason that Facebook has worked so successfully for so many businesses that Facebook Ads were created.  Monetization opportunities are there, but social media platforms must be very, very careful in how they approach monetization and be respectful to the end user first.

Some have been successful and some…ummm…not so much.  When I first heard about Pinterest’s buyable pins I kind of rolled my eyes, but Kris Bradley is talking about those buyable pins this week on the podcast and my opinion has changed greatly.  It seems to be a really viable option for businesses and Kris will have the complete scoop for you today.

Additionally, I’ll go over what has changed and what you need to know conceptually when approaching your social media marketing work for your business.   Lotsa good info for you this week, so thank you for tuning in!

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