PPC Is NOT SEO and SEO Is Not PPC. Revisited

Google Has NO SEO Partners…and did we mention that SEO is NOT the same as PPC?

We originally published this podcast back in February and, since Mark is taking a one-week break from the podcast this week, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit this as we have found it to be one of the most important topics we’ve covered this year.

Time and time again, we run into situations with potential new clients where they are working with a company on what they THINK is SEO, but they’re paying said SEO company in terms of the number of keywords and silly stuff like that.

Often, this is on the premise that said SEO company is a “Google Certified Partner.”   In this podcast, Mark explains the fact that Google does NOT partner with SEOs, despite many of you being led to think otherwise.   A Google Certified Partner is very active with AdWords/Pay-Per-Click and that designation has nothing at all to do with SEO.

As the great philosophers Styx once said, you’re “fooling yourself” if you choose to believe otherwise.

Mark also answers a listener question from Bob in Elizabethtown:

Will duplicate meta titles and tags get me into penalty with Google?

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seo is not ppc

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