How Rush’s 2112 Can Make YOUR Business Better: Risk vs Reward

2112. 40 Years Later & Still Relevant.  Isn’t That What You Want For Your Business?

“Sounds like a gerbil being tortured.”

“Sounds like a dog whistle gone psycho.”

Imagine influential writers printing those comments about YOUR business 40 years ago when there was no internet and you couldn’t really do anything about it.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with regard to what we can learn from the creation of this now-classic album, their make-or-break album released on April Fool’s Day in 1976.  They expected to be dropped from their record label, as 2112 was the complete opposite of what the label wanted from them.

Rush risked losing everything they had worked for and wound up with a long, successful career. As well as a reputation for being both intelligent and gracious in their interviews.   How do you handle adversity?  What risks do you take in moving your business forward and trying to be progressive?   This week’s podcast highlights 3 primary lessons we can learn from this album. Challenge your comfort zone and inspire true progress in your business:)

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what we learn from Rush 2112

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