SEO Myths: Domain Name Keywords, Mobile Search, Bad Reviews, Twitter and Facebook

Contrary to popular belief, SEO does not stand for “Shut Everything Off.”  Nor does it stand for “Spam Everything Overtly.”

For every bit of SEO truth there are endless myths which serve to either a) confuse business owners to the point of believing SEO is just a bunch of crap, or b) tempt business owners into making mistakes that could jeopardize (or destroy) their business revenue.

This week, we’re addressing 4 of the myths that we encounter most often:

1.  We must have our keyword(s) in our domain name.

2.  Twitter and Facebook are no good at all for my business.

3.  We can’t have any bad reviews or bad ratings…they ALL must be great.

4.  It’s not necessary for me to optimize for mobile search in my business.

Dave, Mark and Russ tackle these topics and give you some sound advice to clear up any confusion over these 4 areas.   Do you have an SEO question/myth you would like us to address on the MINDyourSEO Podcast?  As always you can click the big, incredible, tempting, candy-like “Your SEO Podcast Questions Ask Now” button to your right and we’ll do our best to answer your questions in an upcoming episode.

SEO Myths

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