web tourists and your web country

How Welcome Are Web Tourists In Your Web Country?

Recently my wife and I took advantage of a free trip to Cancun, Mexico and it turned out to be quite the eye opening experience.  Obviously, the ocean water down there is unbelievably beautiful and  – being lovers of Mexican food – we were on the receiving end of some magnificent meals.

The most surprising experience came from interactions with merchants, from the restaurants to the tequila shops to the various other shops you can find in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, etc.  Pressure selling was all over the place.  I hate pressure sales.  Big turnoff.  However, it only served to magnify the good vibes of the good, no-pressure merchants we chose to have our transactions with.

Then it hit me (maybe it was the tequila), visiting a new website is a lot like visiting a foreign country.  You don’t know the language, you only know what you’ve read about the culture…you have to learn as you go along.  How are things in your Web Country?  Getting the return tourist action that you want?  This week’s podcast offers some perspective and suggestions on how you can get and keep more web tourists.

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