Your Website Trust and Mobile Friendliness: You Have Until April 21st To Fix ‘Em

You Have Until April 21st To Make Sure Your Website Is Trustworthy And Mobile Friendly

How does your website show up on mobile devices?

Have you taken a good look lately?   Do you have to scroll horizontally to see everything, or does your site show up properly on mobile devices?   Not just YOUR mobile device, but the whole gamut…iPads, iPods, iPhones, Androids, Tablets, etc.

Starting around April 21st (Google says NOT before then), your site will not rank well if it’s not mobile friendly and you could see quite an impact on your traffic.   On this week’s show, Mark talks about this new algorithm update and what you should be looking for with regard to your own site to make sure you’re showing up properly in your targeted mobile searches.

You have until April 21st to make those fixes and avoid potential ranking issues.   While you’re at it, set April 21st as your deadline to clean up the content on your website and do an accuracy check.  Yep, Google is incorporating factors to determine if the information on your website is accurate and trustworthy and NOT loaded with spam.  Mark will tell you all about that, as well.

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