Nachos with cheese

Test Your Cheese Knowledge With The Zim.

Nobody does it cheddar.  If you have a case of the bleus, don’t worry…things can only get feta.

Have a gouda time with us on this week’s podcast from the land of the brie as we put MIND lead developer David “Zim” Zimmerman’s cheese knowledge to the test.

Is cheese more popular than addictive devices such as cigarettes or chocolate?

What is the natural color of cheddar cheese?

Is Little Caesar’s “pan-pan oil” a recognized fossil fuel?

Is whey necessary?

Thank you for taking the time to listen and we hope you enjoy the podcast.   We LOVE hearing from you and always appreciate your two cents, so don’t be shy.  What would you like to hear us cover on the podcast?  Let us know…and if the overabundance of cheese puns got on your nerves, you can blame Mark.

Mark Boyd AKA: Mark Boyd

+Mark is our resident vocabularian and SEO guy. Hit him up with a comment here and he'll help with your quizzical reckonings. If you mention his favorite band Clutch, he usually responds faster.