What You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising

By Karen Layman, aka Karen Facebook advertising

Using social media as an advertising platform continues to rise in popularity. There are many platforms available and each one has its pros and cons. One of the most popular sites is Facebook because it’s one of the best ways to advertise and gain new customers. So before you get started with planning ads, here’s what you need to know about Facebook advertising.

1. Start With a Clear Goal

For Facebook ads to work for you, you need to be sure you have a goal in mind of what outcome you want. Do you want more sales or a bigger customer base? Are you hoping for more website visits? Make sure your goals are specific!

Write your goals down and keep them visible as you work on your ads. This will help guide you as you make decisions on what your ads contain. And as you reach goals, be sure to track your progress. This will help you make any necessary changes to get the most out of your ads.

2. Rotate Ads

Something to keep in mind before starting is that you’ll need more than just one ad. You’ll need a few ads to rotate through. Create three ads with the same goal and targeted interests. This allows you to keep track of each ad and gather important information.

After your campaign has been active for a few days, check each ad for click-through rates (CTR). CTRs are essential because they help drive traffic to your website. After determining the CTR of each ad, delete the advertisement with the lowest CTR. This way, you can focus on your best ads and run a successful ad campaign.

3. Understand Your KPIs

KPIs or key performance indicators are specific markers of marketing metrics. KPIs can include cost per lead, unique website visitors, customer retention, and others. Knowing your KPIs can help you focus on net profits with Facebook ads. Neglecting your KPIs is a common content marketing mistake to avoid when planning your strategy.

4. Know the Different Types of Ads

What businesses should know about Facebook is that there are plenty of advertising opportunities, including a variety of ad types. There are four different main types of Facebook ads to utilize in your marketing campaigns.

1. Image Ads

Image ads are useful in promoting your business or product. Use high-quality images, consistent themes, and styles so your customers recognize your brand. Feature customers in photos if possible, too!

2. Video Ads

Video ads allow you to show your customers visuals of your services, offices, products, or anything else you wish to highlight. Use video to tell your business’s story. Plus, they’re one of the best types of content to post on social media.

Remember to stick to one message per video and keep them short, less than a minute. This will help your videos stay concise and on-topic.

3. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads let users showcase up to ten images or videos in one single ad. Each photo can have its own link attached to it, making online shopping much easier. This is also a useful tool for step-by-step guides on products or services for customers.

4. Instant Experience and Collection Ads

These two types of ads typically go together. Instant experience ads allow users to watch videos, scroll through carousels, and shop for products, like a catalog.

Collection ads use a cover image and four photos of products or services. When customers click on a photo, it takes them to the landing page of the Instant Experience ad.

Not using paid ads is one of the common Facebook marketing mistakes. These components are what you need to know about Facebook advertising. Facebook ads can be beneficial in your marketing strategy. Using them will certainly help grow your customer base and website visits.

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