Figuring out YouTube

Little girl with old video camera sitting on an old TVYouTube is a massive, influential, video playing service that has made the Internet what it is today. Since it launched in February 2005 YouTube has gained over a billion users and has become one of the most recognizable websites in the world as well as the #2 search engine after Google. Of these billions of users many are small businesses and individuals creating channels for their fans and supporters. Creating and sharing videos can be important, insightful, and fun for you and your YouTube subscribers. Here are a few tips to make a YouTube channel that is worth watching and worth following.

Make some videos

First things first, make some videos. Best thing to do is plan out about a week or month’s worth of videos. I like to outline what I want to create and record before recording. Then it is easier to edit, take breaks, or figure out what needs to be changed as I work. Once you have a plan and outline start recording. Mess up, try again, and always, always, always publish the blooper reel. This is sometimes funnier than the video itself and humanizes you, as a small business, channel, or you know, a person.

Plan and create playlists

Playlists are a great way to categorize your videos to make it easier for your followers to watch all of your videos and do so quickly with a related theme. It is also nice for followers that just want to focus on a specific topic. Once you have 20 to 50 videos on your YouTube channel it is time to plot out channels and work on organizing the videos in an cohesive way. This is a simple thing to do through YouTube that will help your viewers a lot in the long run.

Verify your website with YouTube

Verifying your website with YouTube will make it more authoritative with YouTube and Google. This way YouTube will be more inclined to link back to your website and bring your followers to your site and vice versa. This is a simple step, takes about five minutes, and is definitely worth your time.

Share your stuff

Put it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and anywhere else you can think of. This is vital for bringing all your followers together and offering all the information you can. Don’t skip this step. It is incredibly important because you will be more authoritative and produce more worthwhile traffic.

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