MIND Representing at WordCamp Lancaster!

WordCamp Lancaster Gerbil-like mascotLast Saturday we went to WordCamp Lancaster and had an absolute blast. Here are some of our favorite parts:


Andy, “George Stephanis’ talk on WordPress of Things: In it he gave a primer on using WordPress and Arduino-style microcontrollers together to build your own personal ‘Internet of Things,’ using WordPress as the central hub to store data for easy access and for sharing between the devices. Examples included showing information from a thermostat he’d hidden outside and using a light ring to give status reports. It was an instant candidate for favorite due to being one of the higher-level talks at the event, and became so thanks to combining what we do here at Mind with the other track I’d studied extensively in school: logic controllers and industrial automation.”

Zim, “I think I enjoyed the Isomorphic WordPress Themes with NodeifyWP talk the most. I always like seeing talks that are more technical/high level stuff. It seems like a cool concept even if we’re not (as a company) too involved in the subject. It was interesting to see what NodeifyWP is and how it would help if we needed to tie a more progressive web app frontend into a more traditional admin experience.”

Andrew, “Sal Ferrarello is probably my favorite WordCamp speaker. He didn’t disappoint with an informative and very entertaining talk on WordPress filters. I also enjoyed George Stephanis’ talk on the “Internet of Things” and Aaron Jorbin dancing around the room at the end of his talk on how he helped re-launch the New York Times website on WordPress. Also, the tomato bisque was good.”

Nick, “I also liked WordPress of Things. I never realized how easy it was to interact with mini computers like Raspberry Pi before and I saw how it could be used for cool things like turning your home into a smart home. Andy and I were nerding pretty hard during that presentation.”


Chad, “The best part was being able to see some local friends give presentations and having a pretty solid representation from MIND in there representing!”

Mark, “My favorite one was Teaching Teens WordPress. Basically for five years Diana Day has taught teens how to use WordPress to improve their education opportunities and writing skills. Her course taught me how to explain to clients the importance of blogging and engagement on social media.”

Molly, “The swiggity swag.”


All around, WordCamp Lancaster was a blast and we’re glad we went!

If you’re planning on going to next year’s event, let us know and we can meet at WordCamp Lancaster ’18!

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