A few of Molly’s favorite words

Dog readingAs a wordsmith I’m a big fan of words. I enjoy learning new words and finding neat ways to use some of my old favorites. Because of this I have a few old and new favorites that I want to share with you all. Let me know what you think and what your favorite words are!

Absquatulate – to leave abruptly.

Bastinado – to beat someone with sticks (specifically on the feet).

The two words above hold a special place in my heart. These were the first weird words that I ever saw on a vocabulary list and these were the first words to give me my obsession with odd and strangely specific words.

Chad – a piece of waste paper produced by punching a hole.

Gobemouche – a gullible or credulous listener.

Humdudgeon – an imaginary illness.

Jumbuck – a sheep.

Kylie – a boomerang.

Logomachy – an argument about words (I have had a few of these).

Mollycoddle – to treat (someone) very indulgently or protectively.

Neezhnies – underpants (from A Clockwork Orange. I have a particular obsession with this book and the language in it).

Oxter – a person’s armpit.

Peever – hopscotch.

Rumpot – a heavy drinker.

Selkie – a scottish mythical creature like a seal in water but human on land.

Tiffin – a light meal.

Wayzgoose – an annual summer party and outing that used to be held by a printing house for all of its employees.



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