The Real Reason Most Marketing Companies Don’t Understand You

When you own a small business, finding a marketing company that “fits” can be difficult. In a past life, I ran a chain of hobby game stores and kept running into the same problem. No matter how technically correct the marketers we worked with were, there was just always something missing. A bit of scrappiness that you pick up running a business with only a dozen or so people. Its something that most life-long marketers have never experienced.

Marketers Aren’t Business Owners

SEO, SEM, and other marketing experts are typically very good at bringing in more traffic and business. The disconnect that many find is, ironically, too much of a focus on that facet. Sometimes marketers don’t take other aspects of your business into account when making decisions, or may not know enough about your operations to truly have a grasp of what is needed for your campaign.

As more small businesses take to using digital marketing for their business, that specialization is becoming more important. Having generic “Search Engine Optimization” doesn’t ensure that you are at the front of the pack anymore. Your campaigns need to take into account what your competition is doing, the specifics of your industry that make it different.

Make Sure You Are On The Same Page

Want to find out how in-tune your marketer is with your business? Just ask them some basic questions about your operations. Do they know your average sale? What about your margins? These pieces of information are vital to making a comprehensive marketing campaign, but many still don’t use this information. Without it, calculating your Return on Investment becomes difficult, and determining whether or not a marketing avenue is viable for your becomes fuzzy.

Work With A Partner, Not A Service

Looking for someone who will get to know your business, helping you make the best decisions for your business? At MIND, we don’t try to fit your needs into a pre-defined funnel. Our work is customized to your business so that you see the best results every time. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals.


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