The Importance of RDFa – Infographic

RDFa (or Resource Description Framework – in – attributes) is a W3C Recommendation that adds a set of attribute-level extensions to HTML, XHTML and various XML-based document types for embedding rich metadata within Web documents. What does that mean? It means that RDFa gives your content more meaning… it allows content to make sense to the search engines. Right now, when a bot crawls your site, it only picks up content and spits it back out — it has no idea what that content really means. With RDFa, the bots can now identify specific information through implementation of RDFa code and appropriate snippets. Take a look below at how RDFa works!

The Importance of RDFa - Infographic

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2 responses to “The Importance of RDFa – Infographic”

  1. Jup, it’s incredible that my short review of a book using RDFa is one of the first results shown up in google, considering the fact that there are about 20 k hits (pagerank of my domain is “4”).
    Though, I am wondering why the short preview (aka snippet) doesn’t show up the first words of my review but instead my short biography). Have a look:

    Btw, in future I would use in RDFa because then not only googlebot is willing to understand my HTML …

    And, don’t forget, it’s ever a struggle for attention out there in the web, and RDFa will be used for cheating (this is true for all technics). The search engines will react to this, so that I don’t think that my short review will be ranked that high in future (besides, it is not really worth it (considering the content), but, well, it IS worth it (considering that machines can much more understand WHO does WHAT with WHAT)).
    Well, for me the ranking is just a nice sideeffect of RDFa. Better yet is that I myself can write scripts which consume the websites just as if they were databases!

    • Agreed. It is certainly another tool that you can use, and just like link building, RDFa could definitely be taken advantage of. Of course what we see now is more of a move to social semantic web and the overall “cleaning up” of the web. Eventually RDFa could be the “foot in the door”, the way your site gets indexed — have the proper markup, related content, everything labeled correctly, etc… then when the algorithms change we’ll be onto the next step; slowly but surely making the net better and better. At least that’s a hopeful thought.

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