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How to Write the Perfect Instagram Bio for Your Business

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The Instagram bio for your business is one of the first things people notice when they visit your Instagram profile. This makes it vital to present your brand in the best possible light. You want to take advantage of all of the opportunities an Instagram bio offers and take the time to write the perfect Instagram bio for your business.

Just as there are different businesses, there are also different ways to bring out the best of them. At first glance, a short bio may not sound like something important or worth the effort. But, it can be a powerful way to connect with a visitor and turn them into a loyal follower. Here’s how to write the perfect Instagram bio for your business:

5 Essential Elements of an Instagram Profile

One of the things businesses should know about Instagram is that it can help them establish and maintain their online presence. With that in mind, an Instagram bio is more than just a short description on your profile.

Those 150 characters are the mouth of the face your business shows to the world. But, there’s more to it. Here are the essential elements of an Instagram profile to help you create a great profile for your business and a fantastic bio:

1. Your Brand Name and Username

As much as it is a part of your profile, your brand name is a part of your identity. Conduct keyword research to find out how people refer to your brand and consider using this as your Instagram brand name.

2. A Quality Profile Photo

A unique photo should represent your brand and your visual identity. At the same time, you want to make sure it’s a high-quality and well-designed image so that it is properly visible even as a tiny image in your Instagram feed.

3. Your Business Profile Bio

An Instagram profile bio is 150 characters where you can say who you are, what you do, or both. Most importantly, it says why you do what you do. It could include an offer of services, an invitation, funny lingo, a mission, purpose, calling, etc.

4. CTA Buttons

CTA buttons allow you to tell your visitors what to do and provide them with the next steps they can take to interact with you. You can use these buttons to free up space in your bio and make them its extension.

5. Contact Details

Contact details can be a part of your business bio, but they don’t have to be. If you need that valuable space in your bio to send your message, use the buttons to provide your contact information. If your visitors know how or where to reach you, it adds to your brand’s trustworthiness.

Making a memorable and attractive Instagram bio for your business relies on all of these elements working together. They should communicate the true personality of your brand; one that makes it recognizable. You will know if you hit it from your audience feedback. If successful, you have conveyed what your business is about and why it’s worth following.

What Makes the Perfect Instagram Bio?

Plainly speaking, if your Instagram business profile doesn’t gather followers, your presentation could be to blame. Hence, this small section on your profile has a big task at hand and deserves your attention. So, what does a great bio do for your brand?

  • Explains why people should care about your brand or product
  • Aligns with and conducts your brand’s voice
  • Encourages visitors to take action (the ones you suggested)

These are a few things that can help you write the perfect Instagram bio for your business and build your brand on Instagram:

Determine Your Target Audience

Before you amass your “followship”, make it a fellowship. Get to know your audience – who they are, how old they are, where they come from, what they like or dislike, and how they communicate. Not only will it help you attract followers, but will also help you keep them.

Defining your target audience as correctly and precisely as possible will make all the difference. It is essential to set the proper tone, level of formality, and the right dose of emoji and slang. Once you select your brand voice (your communication style), it speaks more loudly about your brand personality than you might expect.

However, it is two-way communication, and at its core is your audience. Your goal is not only to bring them to your Instagram profile but to bring your brand closer to their hearts.

Include a Compelling Call to Action

A call to action helps you twofold. It tells your visitors what they’re expected to do and frees up space in your business profile bio for other details. You can invite your audience to follow you or purchase your product, but you can also use the CTA button to direct visitors to your website.

Don’t forget that your Instagram feed is also full of image material you can use to boost your website’s traffic. Why don’t you connect these two?

You can also drive traffic from your site to your Instagram profile simply by integrating the photos from your feed. It’s a no-brainer – you can connect it with your website with ease using a simple tool.

Focus on Your Unique Selling Proposition

Why should anyone follow your brand’s page? Your explanation in one or two short sentences is what makes a perfect Instagram bio for your business.

It is up to you if you will share your heartfelt mission or make funny wordplay to bond with your visitors. After all, laughter sells. Also, you can make your brand stand out by conveying what you stand for. By knowing your audience, you will know which core values to push into the spotlight of your business bio.

In the end, your values should make your business unique and recognizable, even if it means that you offer your product under those values. Discounts are eye-catchers for one category of people like eco-friendliness is for another. With selling propositions, it’s all about creativity.

Use Relevant Hashtags and Create a Branded Hashtag

If you don’t already have a branded hashtag, create it and place it in your Instagram business bio. It allows your visitors and followers to connect in a like-minded community and share their experiences with your brand.

Providing easy access for your visitors to content that best represents your brand works in your favor. It will help your business profile get more followers simply by letting visitors see how your brand made others happy.

Moreover, you can use hashtags to start a campaign or promote a new product, connect your sister accounts, or even promote other businesses you have agreed on cross-promotion. Just make sure you spend some time on it, do your research, and avoid common hashtag mistakes to avoid a huge PR headache.

These are just a few tips and things to consider as you craft the perfect Instagram bio for your business. If your goal is to drive people from Instagram to your website, it’s important that your website is designed and built to offer an optimal user experience.

If it’s been a while since your website was last updated or it’s underperforming, it may be time to consider a website redesign. Contact us for a meeting of the MINDs to discuss your goals and how we can help get your website back on track and performing for your business!

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