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At MIND Development and Design, we don’t like to MIND our business. We like to share it. And why not? It’s gorgeous. We’ve got web development, marketing, graphic design, and SEO on tap for all. But that’s enough about us, let’s talk about you. We like writing about what’s on your MIND as well as ours. So our blog addresses topics from dress code to writing code, and everything in between. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

content marketing written on a notebook

What Is Content Marketing?

Consumers are intelligent, autonomous beings who recognize sales tactics when they see them. Over the past few years, consumers have become less and less tolerant of reading sales pitches while… Read More


Beginner’s Guide to Links

You can’t talk about SEO without hearing about links. In the early days of SEO, keywords and links were all that mattered. Links still matter, but the way you approach… Read More

Graphic Design Terms

Basic Design Terms Primer: Part 1

Often, it’s basic misunderstandings that end up causing stressful situations and tend to prolong the timeline of a project. Because Design is so encompassing, a Graphic Designer needs to be… Read More

dos and don'ts of keywords a beginner's guide

The Dos and Don’ts of Keywords

Keywords are often considered the building blocks of SEO. When users search for topics in search engines, keywords build their queries. Websites that are highly visible for keywords relevant to… Read More

Dressing In The Workplace

Dressing In The Workplace

In this burgeoning new marketplace full of Millennials, people have begun to question the old adage “dress for success”. Companies are scaling back on professional attire to appeal to younger… Read More