Lead Generation Tips for Small Business

By Karen Layman, aka Karen lead generation tips

If you’re looking to grow your small business, you need to be able to reach potential customers. Lead generation can be extremely helpful in reaching these potential customers. Here are a few lead generation tips for small businesses:

What is Lead Generation?

A lead is any person who shows interest in your product or service. Leads are often gleaned from blog posts, live events, surveys, or signing up for a trial subscription. There are also ways to generate more leads with email marketing, such as email personalization.

Lead generation is a process of attracting potential customers to your business. Leads are then nurtured to increase interest and ultimately convert them into customers. In addition to marketing and promoting your business to show up when and where potential customers are searching, a common practice to generate leads is by designing surveys or short forms that correspond to marketing efforts.

After someone fills out a survey and leaves contact information, the business has valuable information. They now have contact information and information from a survey or form that can help customize opening communication. Depending on the type of marketing and the stage of the customer journey, you can also use surveys to customize your approach and cater to potential customers.

Plus, these followup survey results can help you address any current problems you may be trying to solve. If your survey asks the right questions, the results can offer insights and help you find solutions. Whether you are trying to improve your email marketing, improve customer service, gather webinar feedback, etc., surveys can provide valuable insights while also being powerful lead generators.

4 Lead Generation Tips for Small Business

Without lead generation, businesses may struggle to grow. Here are a few lead generation tips for small businesses:

1. Utilize Social Media

Social media is vital to any business. It’s a great place to connect with your customers and generate new leads. Plus, it raises brand awareness and can help establish your business as an authority in your field.

Engaging with followers by liking comments, responding to direct messages, and sharing posts about your business can help build a strong community. These are important things your small business should be doing on social media.

If not designed to convert directly on social media, your social media should be directing your audience straight to your website. This is one of the easiest ways to generate leads. Post a link to a blog post or offer a discount to a product or service. These things will get your customers to your website and may convert them into customers.

2. Create Great Content

Content is very important when it comes to lead generation. Quality content will show your potential customer base that you care about your product or service and your customers. Focusing on your customers and choosing quality over quantity can help you create content that stands out.

Another thing you need is content that’s engaging. Even if you have the best-written blog post, but unless it’s engaging, no one will read the whole thing. You should also have some other types of content, like photos of products or even informational videos. Interesting content with engaging elements can help you increase blog post conversions and create something that people will want to share.

3. Monitor Your Competition

There are many reasons why you should follow your competitors on social media and lead generation inspiration is just one of them. Keep track of things such as a new product, service, a new website or social media revamp.

Knowing their web strategy is helpful too. Analyzing their website and pricing as well as evaluating their SEO are just a few ways to identify your competitor’s web strategy. Knowing their strategy can help you make informed decisions about future projects and may even help you avoid some mistakes.

4. Write Strong Calls to Action (CTAs)

A strong CTA is imperative in getting a lead to turn into a customer. A CTA informs your lead what to do next. Use enthusiastic language and strong command verbs when you write successful calls to action.

The easiest CTA is “Buy now!” or “Subscribe!” because they are short and sweet, and they tell the person exactly what to do. Make it easy on your lead by using buttons or links to follow. A strong CTA can be the difference between disinterested and a conversion.

These are just a few lead generation tips for small businesses. Lead generation is an asset to growing your small business. With time and dedication, implementing these strategies should help you see growth!

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